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By Midnight Tonight We’ll Have Reached The Stars

Evolving from fragmented cement casts of negative geometric spaces this sculpture grows into constructivist labyrinths suspended in an indeterminate timeline. Drawing from the imagined spaces dreamt by Italo Calvino in his book, Invisible Cities I explore structural systems of space shaped by human technological advancements that continue to skew understandings of distance and scale. Just as the railroad shrank human perception of space and time in the early 20th century now the drive for planet cultivation and privatized space flight once again distorts the scale of reality and human understanding of distance. 

Rooted in the history and the present day, these works developed from investigating how the unstoppable advancement of technology puts human perception of time and distance into a rapid state of flux.  References to JFK’s Rice Moon speech from 1962 and the current endeavor to inhabit Mars through the Mars One program place these works in conversation with the strive for utopian cultivation of the universe beginning in the mid-20th century continuing today.

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