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Un-Natural Trashformation

     This body of work is an investigation of the energy that resides in mundane plastic objects. Many of the objects we consume are made of plastic - a material engineered to last thousands of years, yet it makes up a majority of disposable products. Throughout the objects’ short lifecycles, we use them once or twice before we toss them. During that short period of time, our physical interactions with those objects transfer energy to them, energy that is lost when the objects are thrown away. Those objects become lost fragments of reality, minute traces of human presence that are scattered across landfills and landscapes. Those fragments create a broken sub-reality, a reality we willingly yet unknowingly create. It is our creation of and interaction with those objects that creates this sub-reality; however, no one wants to claim this reality as theirs. We go as far as paying to ensure that these fragments are taken to the dump so we are no longer connected to them. My work reveals this sub reality through the aggregation of found plastic objects. I rely on the help of over 150 people to collect the objects I use.  Their efforts are essential to not only the creation of my sculptures, but also the conceptual framework of it. My work brings the discarded fragments of our lives together, allowing the sub-reality they create to be observed and analyzed for its aesthetics, its energy and its involvement in the world we live in.


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